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An impressive artist in his

Sirra – Runner EP

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An impressive artist in his own regard, Manchester based producer Sirra has assuredly stamped his presence in the Dance music industry. The progressive house producer, who recently released a scintillating album titled ‘SLR001‘, has shown all the qualities to needed to make it to the upper echelons of the industry. What’s more is that the producer, who touts his friends and families, cult films and Manchester as his major influences, also runs a label by the name of Solr Recordings. ‘SLR001’ was the first release on Solr and the adept Mancunian is looking to add to that catalogue with his recently released EP titled ‘Runner’ – which makes his reference to Blade Runner as an influence all the more interesting.

The EP kicks off with the enthralling progression of the title-track. ‘Runner’ is a rousing overture into the EP and blends the mind of the listener seamlessly into the mood for a sumptuous musical experience with its craftily added vocal snippets and impressive melody. Second on the list, ‘Summer of 84’ ticks off the mark like a melodic time bomb waiting to splash onto the ears – something that the carefully detailed beat-work allows it to do further into the track as the nature of the production takes the listener on an interstellar voyage.

As we reach halfway, we’re met with ‘Oldroid’. Beginning with a funky sort of progression, the track breaks smoothly into a more refined version of itself, yet marking itself as a possible low-octane Techno track for the EP. But if it felt that the EP dwindled adrift, closing single ‘Dawn’ takes control of the thoroughly enjoyable EP and paints it in the brightest of strokes. Timidly progressive with an infectious melody, ‘Dawn’ is a product of sheer genius from Sirra – nothing compares. And now to answer the question on everyone’s minds – yes, the comparisons to Eric Prdyz are absolutely justified, as Sirra is uniquely talented beyond bounds to bag the same niche for himself in tomorrow’s industry. If there were any doubts, the ‘Runner’ EP does ample to tilt the case in his favour.

The EP is available on Solr Recordings through iTunes here.

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