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Swedz feat. ALTO – Feel The Love

Swedish duo Swedz began their careers by producing music in their bedrooms in 2011. They went to the same school where they found a connection and decide to pair up to unite their talents in the studio. In 2014 the first studio-session was planned and the result was their first remix as Swedz, after getting great responses from the SoundCloud community they continued to make music together, constantly growing and improving on their skills whilst rapidly building a large network of fans from all around the world.

Their latest release ‘Feel The Love is a future bass masterpiece, featuring in collaboration with sisters ALTO, This is the first release after signing a three-year contract with the Canadian publishing giant Premier Muzik International. The lyrics to ‘Feel The Love’ are written by Finish author Jani Korhonen, telling the story about “a girl who has longed for a relationship with a guy for a long time. She has tried to make him interested in her without any success. The song explains her feelings when she finally succeeds”. Sister duo ‘ALTO’ (Josefin Alatalo and Charlotte Alatalo) do an excellent job delivering the lyrics in a clear yet emotional manner, and the high level of production really complements the vocal featuring well selected and mixed sounds.

In a recent interview with We Rave You, the duo spoke about their influences and biggest inspirations, saying:

Our biggest influences have mostly been Swedish House mafia, Kryder and Alesso. We have followed Swedish House Mafia for a long time and they have always been our biggest inspiration. We have always loved Kryder’s groovy style, and Alesso’s melodies have always been something special for us.

Though the genre is significantly different to the great artists mentioned above, they seem to have taken the best from each and adapted that into their own, unique style. With plenty of more music to come in the near future, Swedz are definitely a name to look out for.

Be sure to check out ‘Feel The Love’ on SoundCloud below.

Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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