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Twitter user causes a stir with controversial tweet resulting in backlash from producers

Producing music is not always as beautiful as everyone thinks. There are many people who live behind the scenes to make things happen and are often not remembered, as is the case with many music producers. The people responsible for the whole of the work, from the conception, composition and recording of music, rarely have their names divulged and credits go only to the artist/interpreter of the song. It was with a tweet supporting such anonymity that Alina (@alinathequeenx) became a known (and hated) figure on Twitter.

In the electronic music scene, it is very common for music producers not to earn enough credits, even if they are many. This is true with tracks such as the classic ‘The Way We See The World‘ that has 5 producers: Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Liv and Mim (NERVO). But, in pop, rock or any other genre, this practice is not at all common and social media user Alina supports that music producers do not receive such credits.

For Alina, only the artist who is an interpreter is able to make the song a success, since for the track to be a hit, it needs to have vocals. According to Alina, if only the beat could be a success, it would not be necessary for the music to have a vocalist and of course, this has irritated many producers around the world.

The tweet, which was one of the most talked-about topics on the platform in recent days, has angered many people, including Rukes, Slushii, 3LAU, Mark & Kremont and many other DJs, producers and artists from the electronic music scene. Check out some of the responses below: