Dillon Francis produces theme for Lego Movie 2 ‘Catchy Song’

Electronic music producers are increasingly being asked to create tracks or full soundtracks for movies. Recently, Ferry Corsten was responsible for the soundtrack of the film ‘Don’t Go’, and Canadian producer deadmau5 produced the soundtrack for the movie ‘Polar’, an original by Netflix and now, Dillon Francis is the name on the spotlight.

In collab with T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay, American DJ/producer Dillon Francis surprised fans with his most catchy song yet, a track for ‘The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part‘. Completely different from any other track already released by the producer, the song is very pop-influenced, cheerful and fun. ‘Catchy Song‘ has everything necessary to be one of those movie hits that stays in your head for many, many months after leaving the theater.

On his twitter, when he presented the track to the followers, Dillon celebrated the release, apologising in case the music is stuck in your head “so if it gets stuck inside ur head and you want to punch me in the face I’m sorry (you gotta admit tho it’s catchy af)”. Even without sounding like something Dillon Francis would normally release or play in one of his sets, being able to make a song for the gigantic movie industry is always impressive.

Listen to ‘Catchy Song’ below and see if it gets stuck in your head.