Only Kidding

Only Kidding – NETRUNNER

Debuting his second ever release, ‘NETRUNNER‘ hybrid-bass and internet dwelling producer Only Kidding is off to a swell start. Although little information is currently known surrounding the budding producer, Only Kidding’s style is definitely unique. On his first tune and overall impression on the dance scene, the unknown producer certainly came out guns blazing on his tune ‘REPLICANT,‘ highlighting that exquisite and personally coined “hybrid-bass” style. Combining elements heard commonly throughout dubstep, electronica, and the ever-present Rezz-esque bass-house genres, Only Kidding certainly makes a show of his stylistic diversity.

On ‘NETRUNNER‘ the fresh-faced producer fixates more on his experimental bass-house side, the tunes overall sound design matched with its intricate dub and synth work show the immaculate amount of detail that our anonymous friend has put behind his productions. Turning the corner on the new year, who knows, with break out mystery artists like k?d, 1788-L and more dominating the scene in their claim to fame over the past couple years, maybe Only Kidding could become one of those next breakout stars. While we never know until things begin to kick off for the artist, let’s watch as the producer begins to find his audience and get his feet wet, in the meantime, you can check out his latest tune ‘NETRUNNER‘ below: