Migue Boy

Migue Boy – One Love

Having released across labels far and wide, Spanish DJ/Producer Migue Boy is debuting his thumping original entitled ‘One Love‘ on Australian label Brook Gee Records. The laid back almost entrancing tune which debuts as a Beatport exclusive is yet another release amongst Migue Boy’s expansive catalog which spans back quite some time. To put just how large his catalog is in perspective, the Fuerteventura Island native got his start DJing across radio airwaves back in 1993, needless to say including remixing opportunities, sports over 200 tracks on Beatport, showing the dedication to his craft. Producing across a handful of genres, most notably in the deep house, tech-house, and trance realms, although not a household name, Migue certainly brings a unique style and change of pace to the decks.

On ‘One Love,‘ Migue Boy, uses the tunes inviting synth lines, melody and thumping bassline to suck listeners in. Keeping listeners on their toes with pacey toms, snares, and other highly impactful percussive elements, the Spaniard delivers a tune that simply keeps you hooked.

Check out Migue Boy’s ‘One Love‘ via Brook Gee Records below: