Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero & Olivia Holt – Distance

Nicky Romero remains one of the most influential Dutch artists in the industry, having amassed an impressive discography of show-stopping hits spanning multiple genres. His instantly-recognisable progressive house sound is reflected across the vast majority of his releases, and enabled him to receive support from around the globe, quickly climbing to the top of the charts. His first offering of 2019 strays to the opposite end of the spectrum, marking his latest exploration into the pop-sphere.

With clear tropical house influence, ‘Distance‘ is characterised by heavenly vocals from Olivia Holt, who has become an incredibly well-established vocalist within the industry herself. Melodic in nature, the anthem effortlessly balances pop with electronic, blending both genres together to culminate in a light-hearted track with huge potential. ‘Distance’ is centred around a rhythmic yet addictive melody which will undoubtedly have listeners hitting replay over the next few months and beyond. While the track is a million miles away from the characteristic sound which allowed Nicky Romero to climb to the top, it will no doubt prove popular with fans regardless. It provides the perfect example of Nicky Romero’s ability to experiment and excell in any genre of his choosing.

Check out ‘Distance’ on Spotify below.

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