Knife Party announce new EP and Pendulum music incoming

Knife Party are back stronger than ever, and it seems we are getting ever closer to the release of some brand new music. After releasing a banging remix of Pendulum‘s ‘Blood Sugar’ and some very interesting IDs previewed throughout 2018 on their ‘Knifecast’ show. Back in December, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen announced that the new EP is coming within three months, sending fan excitement levels through the roof. The Australian duo music have just announced their new EP is finally finished, meaning we will get to hear it soon.

Knife Party have built up an impressive catalogue of releases which have seen success in various different genres. Unfortunately for fans, they have also built an equally impressive catalogue of unreleased music which fans have only been able to appreciate at live shows or via YouTube rips, the hope is that this EP will might include some completed or revisited versions of these iconic IDs.

The announcement came during the 11th episode of their Knifecast podcast, where they revealed the forthcoming Knife Party EP is completely finished and will be handed to the label by the end of the week

Also on the Knifecast show, the duo confirmed they have lots of brand new Pendulum music ready to release, but that they feel unsure about playing it in front of a live audience before the music actually releases. Which also suggests we will be getting some Pendulum music at some point in 2019.

Be sure to listen to the latest ‘Knifecast’ episode below for more information on Knife Party and Pendulum’s future releases.




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