Marshmello breaks records with Fortnite live show

In an increasing trend in modern dance music, those who can’t journey to a club due to either distance, age, or other mitigating factors, can enjoy plenty of dance music’s finest from the comfort of their own home thanks to the concept of “virtual shows” – often within popular games. Fresh off the back of the likes of Tale Of Us and The Black Madonna appearing in “virtual” sets in GTA Online, everyone’s favourite helmet-wearing DJ has now taken it a step further, as none other than Marshmello has played an actual “live” gig in the phenomenon that is Fortnite.

For those who don’t know, Fortnite is an online “battle-royale” style game where players from around the world can shoot each other in a massive virtual environment. Presumably however, a truce was called on Feb 1 as players put down their weapons to enjoy Marshmello play his greatest hits – and in a move that would put most world leaders to shame, it was a truce unlike any other in history. Early reports suggest up to 10 million players stopped shooting/garroting/whatever it is they do to each other for the duration of Marshmello’s set, which looks to be a record for the most players online since Fortnite was released in 2017.

While the fanbase spans all ages, Fortnite, like many games, is particularly popular with kids and teenagers – a demographic who like electronic music but crucially aren’t old enough to go to events. Partnerships such as this show clever business nous from those involved, and will no doubt seriously heighten Marshmello’s profile for millions who otherwise may have been unable to see him perform.

See an excerpt of the show below: