Marshmello’s Fortnite Concert: A Brilliant Business Move

It’s pretty safe to say that Fortnite is by far the most popular video game that has surfaced our Earth. Estimated to have around 200 million players worldwide, and a concurrent 8.3 million at any given time, putting your brand right in the headlights of such a behemoth should achieve mind-blowing results. After the concert was held live at Pleasant Park to an overall crowd of over 10 million, clearly breaking the record of most concurrent users on the platform, the results did indeed meet expectations. Yet, a statistical analysis of Marshmello‘s social media traction the following day really puts things into perspective…

Considerably, Marshmello – masked by Christopher Comstock – saw a  monumental rise regarding his YouTube channel. As assessed by royalty analyst Jose Arroyo, 699,000 subscribers were amassed the day after the virtual concert, which highlights an estimated 1,800% increase over his 37,000 monthly subscription figure in January. Views per day, furthermore, saw a 500% rise; more specifically, daily view count grew from 7.8 million to 42.8 million.  For all the visual learners out here, Arroyo provides a graph showing the meteoritic rise surrounding the channel.

If that’s not enough to convince you of Marshmello’s entrepreneurial prowess, his Twitter engagement is greater relative to his YouTube counterpart. This past week, Marshmello gained over 147,000 followers, depicting a 2000% increase from the previous week. In addition, he was mentioned 57,500 times on the platform, which is 1000% more than the 4,800 he had last week.

Given today’s digital climate and a world where everyone and everything is connected through a click of a button, it’s quite essential for brands to target new audiences through other platforms. Marshmello may have arguably already been one of the largest popular identities in today’s EDM circuit, however partnering with the mammoth that is Epic Games’ Fortnite proved to be incredibly impactful in the cross-over domains of music and gaming.

Watch the Party at Pleasant Park right here: