Yann Sella

Yann Sella – Turning Circles (Remixes)

French producer Yann Sella made his arrival in 2018 with debut single ‘Turning Circles’. Combining his talents with UK artist Manchester Rain, the two parties colluded in a complete masterpiece. Shortly thereafter, the artists kept their momentum going as their careers would expand in ways they never saw coming. Amassing incredible feedback, Subdust Music hosted a remix competition in hopes of finding an appropriate rendition.

Receiving a great response from producers around the world resulted in a hectic submission list of over 100 or more. Hunting through various styles and adaptions, three remixers were chosen to showcase on the official remixes package for ‘Turning Circles’. There is never a shortage of creativity in art and that’s exactly what you’ll hear in this release.

Tackling different concepts, the ambient single is completely flipped on its head in this project. Providing a sleek and dark adaption is Ramzi Benlakehal as the producer aims to swoon listeners with his atmospheric deep house rework. Our attention is then turned to the direction of Edenframe‘s vintage electro facelift. His gritty and powerful basslines speak for themselves as you will see why this artist stood out from the rest. To cap it all off, Signalfluss closes the remix package with a charming progressive house rendition.

Inspiring artists from around the world, EPs like this express the idea that a simple melody or chord progression can be seen in many different perspectives.

Progressive house was one of the greatest genres in dance music please change my mind.

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