Oliver Heldens future house hit ‘Melody’ turns 4 years old

Regarded as a future house pioneer, Oliver Heldens is someone who has many hits under his belt. Beginning his career by signing to Spinnin’ Records in 2013, Oliver proved that he was a force to be reckoned with early on in his successful career. Some of his first releases include bangers such as ‘Stinger’ and ‘Thumper’. One of his most notable songs ‘Gecko’ (featuring vocals from British singer Becky Hill in the alternately titled ‘Gecko (Overdrive)) is regarded as his ‘breakthrough’ hit, but on this day we take a look back at the track ‘Melody’ as it turns 4 years old.

Relying on pure instrumentals, this future house track proves that Oliver Heldens is a versatile artist who can create tracks in multiple sub-genres and turn them into hits straight away. Released a year after his big breakthrough in 2014, all eyes were on Oliver to see what would follow and ‘Melody’ did not disappoint. With over 29 million views on YouTube and over 12 million streams on Spotify, this song proves to be one that won’t be forgotten.

Reminisce and watch the official music video below!

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