Above & Beyond Seven Lions remix

Above & Beyond – Sahara Love (Seven Lions Remix)

Psy trance; dubstep; progressive trance; bass house; electro. Is there anything that Jeff Montalvo can not produce? It is somewhat surprising that he is only 31 years old, as it would seem like the blissful productions of Seven Lions have graced our ears for an eternity. The American producer is back with something brand new and impeccably constructed to blend trance and dubstep once more, with a superb remix of Above & Beyond‘s ‘Sahara Love‘ which features vocals from Zoë Johnston. This one goes OFF!

After the original mix of ‘Sahara Love‘ reached 1.5million streams on Spotify, you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that it is impossible to top the serenity and energy packed into the original release, but Seven Lions has certainly done his all to bump it up one more level, and hit it with a fresh vibe that does everything you would hope it to. Though the original takes a more laid back approach, there is plenty of drive in the track. However, Montalvo’s version pushes it far beyond, bringing a new level of energy through the perfectly constructed dubstep and future bass sounds that resonate throughout. Keeping the vocal largely intact, Seven Lions has injected plenty of passion and main stage madness into this, with a melodic dubstep vibe pulling ‘Sahara Love‘ away from that “album track” vibe and pushing it into the festival category.

Whether you’re a dubstep fan or not, this is a track you HAVE to check out! Go and get Seven Lions incredible remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Sahara Love‘ below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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