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Presenting Shaq’s Fun House For Miami Music Week

Many try to involve themselves with a bunch of different forms of entertainment, but few- very few succeed greatly at becoming a multifaceted superstar who’s dipped their toes in all sorts of fields. Shaquille O’Neal, aka ShaqDJ DieselThe Big ShamrockSuperman, and oh so much more, has seen his personality feature in music, film, television, video games and even law enforcement, to name a few.

Last year, Shaq threw down over at Miami for the yearly musical celebration by hosting the city’s first ‘Shaq’s Fun House’ party, whereby a huge crowd of celebrities, athletes, and guests attended. The spectacle they came to witness saw artists like The ChainsmokersA-Trak, and Diplo perform. Accordingly, just like in 2018, Shaq himself is expected to stage the wildest performance- an unmissable set judging by his quickly evolving career as a DJ. While attendance is quite exclusive, limited tickets are available for the 2019 edition.

It’s still a mystery as to which “8 of the worlds best DJs” will be playing at Shaq’s Fun House, however, The Big Shamrock promises they’ll “surpass even last year’s epic lineup”. Partnering with JBL, together they plan to offer top-tier sound, pyrotechnics, and mass amounts of CO2. Gear up, and let last year’s after movie set the tone as to what’s at least expected this month of March at Miami.