Ultra outrage

Ultra Miami criticized after thousands left without transport home

This year, Ultra Music Festival‘s Miami edition moved to a brand new location, Virginia Key. When Ultra announced their transport plans, it seemed that everything had been planned efficiently, but many were skeptical about how the thousands of attendees would be able to all leave the venue in an effective manner. Now that the first day of the festival has come to an end, attendees are taking to social media to share their experience.

Although it appears that those taking the ferry to and from the festival had a positive experience, those using the free shuttle bus service were let down. Unfortunately, one of the festival’s shuttle buses was involved in a crash, leading to a delayed service taking place. Many fans reported having to wait for over 3 hours to be able to board a shuttle bus. Later that night, many were reportedly left without a bus at all, and were instead instructed to walk the 5km+ journey to the mainland along the highway strip. This resulted in thousands of fans being completely deserted, and having to spend hours walking in the early hours of the morning.

Understandably, many have been left outraged, as Ultra had promised that the service would be effective and reliable. Attendees can only hope that Ultra will learn from last night’s experience and provide a better service for the remainder of the weekend. Take a look at some footage recorded by fans below.

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