CAB III – Circles

The rise of producers with an intriguing auras and hidden personas has had a great history of such names which includes the story lines of post-2015 sensation Marshmello and the legendary Daft Punk duo. At the intersection of this snippet of Dance music history and Romanophilic romance, we find Caesar Augustvs Bassus III, a producer better known by their shortened moniker CAB III. While just beginning his career in the dance music world, the emperor-like persona donned by a CAB III is a real interesting one in this queer world of DJ/producer names and alter-egos. On the production front, CAB III is now on the chart to impress listeners with his debut track titled ‘Circles’.

‘Circles’ is a sturdy debut production from the relatively new producer. It begins with a pitch perfect foundation, laid in a gradual manner through scintillating and detailed chords and a creeping beat-work. All of this gives way to phased out vocals which build the space for the track to break into a rough ‘drop’ which impresses with its chic beat-work and unending, steady energy. A debut release on Radhaz Records, ‘Circle’ also marks the beginning of CAB III’s career in the world of dance music. While his alter-egos and persona are already up there, we would certainly not be wrong to hope for similar stature for his future productions.

You can purchase CAB III’s ‘Circles’ on Beatport here.

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