Eric Prydz dominates Coachella with special 3 hour Cirez D set

Sweden is a beautiful country, isn’t it? Maybe you haven’t been, but you’re surely familiar with some of the people to have come from the Scandinavian country: ABBA? Ulrika Jonsson? Zlatan Ibrahimovic? They might be some you’ve heard of, but you probably don’t relate to them as much as the country’s musical exports, with the likes of Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, and Eric Prydz hailing from the great blue and yellow nation. The latter has recently returned to America after missing Ultra Miami for health reasons, but certainly made up for his absence with an monstrous 3 hour set at Coachella under his Cirez D persona. Eric Prydz is BACK!

Though the news of Prydz’s issues prior to Ultra Miami left many disappointed, the Swede has always provided for his fans, and was sure to repay them for their loyalty. After spending years developing his shows and ensuring that every single performance is special – particularly through his EPIC showcases and Hï Ibiza nights – Eric Prydz is now one of the most well known names in the ever growing music scene. With many of the younger audience turning away from the big room and future house hype that simmered between 2013-2016, and moving to the tech house and techno scene, there has never been a better time for Prydz to unleash his Cirez D techno moniker, and this special set at Coachella was another perfect outing. Though there were blips during Coachella, the undeniable truth about this man and his remarkable skill is evident, with footage captured for portions of his set. After recently playing in Vegas, and now hitting California for the hugely popular festival, Prydz is well and truly back, and better than ever!

Check out the full set below – a glimpse of what future Cirez D sets may have in store for any onlooking fans.

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