Marco Deleoni – The Same Game

Marco Deleoni, DJ and producer from the city of Turin in Italy, is stepping out of his comfort zone with an absolute club banger ‘The Same Game’, featuring hip-hop artist Grand Kai, just released on East European EDM label, Ensis Records.

Deleoni, who has been on the music scene for quite a few years, usually serves us with progressive house tracks, melodic drops and soft vocals. In the past he already crafted some successful releases, especially the collaborations with American singer Nathan Brumley onNice To Meet You and ‘Mother’. Now he is back with a special club track, just in time for the summer party season. ‘The Same Game’ nicely combines an energetic club lead with hard, raw, bass house drop, trap elements and Grand Kai’s hip-hop vocals.

The Italian producer is proving that he is a man of many talents and that he can change styles quite easily, does that mean that there are more bass tracks on the way? It is safe to say that the artist has a lot of potential that is yet to be uncovered, so make sure to follow Deleoni’s social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud) for what is coming next.

Listen to ‘The Same Game’ below:

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