NIXIS – In My Mind EP

Perhaps NIXIS’ most personal music yet, the thriving talent of Nicolai Sissener can be found glistening in abundance following the release of his EP, In My Mindthat’s arrived and ready to be enjoyed by all. The Norway resident refuses to hold back in his body of work which sees Nicolai deliver four undeniably energising tracks to the electronic dance music community. But there’s more to the Norweigians music than just beats, bars and the occasional lyrical verse. Expressing his awareness of being heavily sedated by depression and the fight against oneself, the producer has found himself in a position to help others where he can share his own experiences.

Life is filled with ups and downs. Without the lows, you wouldn’t experience the highs. It’s the duality we see in every aspect of reality. I found myself appreciating life more and see the beauty in everything – even the “negative” aspects.

That’s what NIXIS’ EP, In My Mind, is all about, the personal experiences and struggles that this talented artist has faced. Through the power of music itself, Nixis demonstrates how personal negative experiences can be turned into endless creativity with his music providing the ability to resonate among those who ever find themselves in a similar position in life.

The EP itself blends refreshing sounds with blasts of innovatively designed beats while paying attention to the finer details among each track. Coupled with vocalists who lend their voices to perfected end products, the EP leaves a lasting effect on each individual listener from start to finish. We take a look at each of the four tracks in detail.



01: In My Mind – Being the only track that NIXIS self-produced on the EP, there is no doubt that Nicolai has is packing production talent under his belt. The track echos positivity along each musical bar but it’s the track’s course that stimulates the senses with powerful synths and a dominating character.

02: Turn It Off (Feat. Erisse) – Erisse’s take on the instrumental is breathtaking. With a more subtle and chilled approach, ‘Turn It Off ‘mellows the listener into a calm state leaving the ears to fully intake Erisse’s blissful vocals. NIXIS explains that “The message to take from this song is to be present and mindful.”

03: Shifting Sands (Feat. KNVWN) – This track was the brain work of both Nixis and KNVWN with the end result accumulating to nothing short of spectacular. Relaxing at first, the track swiftly bolts to plucky beats while keeping you charmed with its vocals and melody. KNVWN describes this track as: “It’s metaphorically written about a person that has been hurt so much they don’t think there’s one more love left in them.”

04: Walking Away – The fourth and final track was written and sung by Adam Moss. Uplifting in character, ‘Walking Away‘ is the production that leaves you revitalised again and again. With another tantalising melody as its core, ‘Walking Away’ will have you walking back for more of Nicolai Sissener.

Check out the full EP below.