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Perhaps NIXIS' most personal music yet, the thriving talent of Nicolai Sissener can be found glistening in abundance following the release of his EP, In My Mind, that's arrived and ready to be enjoyed by all. The Norway resident refuses to hold back in his body of work which sees Nicolai deliver four undeniably energising tracks to the electronic dance music community. But there's more to

By far one of the world's most promising rising stars, MR.BLACK continues to exceed expectations with each and every production he drops. His last release 'Favela' saw him collaborate with KURA, resulting in a ferocious track that became a global favourite and proved popular at festivals around the world. Now, MR.BLACK has dropped his latest triumph, a remix of 'In

2012 was a year like no other, the explosion of the house music wave was peaking, artists around the world were pioneering new styles, and Deadmau5 and David Guetta performed at the Grammy's. One of the hallmark records that characterized the scene at the time was Axwell's edit of Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl's track with Georgi Kay, "In My Mind". The song

If there is currently any upcoming producer worth spotlighting, it would be the young and talented W3PLAY. Recently displaying his talents to the world, the Montreal native released a brand new track titled “In My Mind”. W3PLAY possesses a dynamic and creative production style of music, fusing together electronic sounds with analogue. Being a music enthusiast growing up, he has composed