Home Uncategorized Amelie Lens returns to Lenske with explosive three-track EP ‘In My Mind’: Listen
Amelie Lens returns to Lenske with explosive three-track EP ‘In My Mind’: Listen
Amelie Lens
Image Credit: Amelie Lens Press

Amelie Lens returns to Lenske with explosive three-track EP ‘In My Mind’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Amelie Lens returns to Lenske with explosive three-track EP ‘In My Mind’: Listen

Amelie Lens drops a blasting new EP on Lenske, her first solo release on the label since 2020.

This year has been full of good things for techno royalty Amelie Lens, and it looks like she won’t be stopping there. Her career has been on a beautiful ascending line that has now reached a very high place. If on one hand, her reign continues, on the other hand, it was marked by a few debuts in 2022. Amelie lens launched this year her first EXHALE radio show that allowed her to share her music and her choices with the whole world, in a weekly episode, that airs every Monday at 11 am CET. Another major premiere was her EXHALE residency on the White Island at the legendary DC-10. Her relentless techno blends perfectly with the traditions of this mythical venue, where Amelie will be together with her EXHALE family every Wednesday in August. When it comes to performances, the Belgian artist’s schedule is as fast-paced as her productions, and she has been named one of the most requested artists at festivals. Yet amidst the frenzy, there was still time for a wonderful wedding in Italy with fellow artist and long-time boyfriend Farrago. But the year is only half over and it’s time for Amelie Lens to return to her Lenske imprint with an EP, delivering what she does best: sharp techno.

Available from today on the usual platforms via Lenske Records, ‘In My Mind‘ encapsulates three beautiful and exciting techno cuts. One of the inspirations for this three-chapter work was the exquisite and electrifying visuals that Amelie Lens has taken to some of her performances.

The title track ‘In My Mind’ comes in full force and is filled with style. A sweeping slow beat creates heavy suspense, contrasting with Amelie Lens’ soothing vocals. ‘Welcome In My Mind‘ is an invitation to plunge into the sound that fills the soul of the Belgian artist and to lose yourself in the blasting reverbs of this track. The furious claps come up to dialogue with the spiking synths, in a heavy, intense and absorbing progression. Some sparkling keys appear to lighten the gloom and give a subtle elegance to the unrelenting beats.

First Light‘ follows without asking for permission. The name may point to twilight but the truth is that its essence points to an alien dimension. Reclaiming the sharp acidity of Amelie Lens, this track is rich in distortion and mechanisation. Futuristic, ‘First Light’ is a dance of patterns that complement and compete with each other, resulting in a very dynamic track. A deep melody fills the atmosphere, bringing a break without breaking the drums’ synchronicity.

The EP closes with a punchy cut that again displays Amelie’s silky vocals. Her voice, feminine and delicate, form an interesting and rich dichotomy with the harshness of the kick. ‘Trippin‘ is a title that does justice to the soundscape explored in this track. The percussion is raw and violent, but just when it seems that chaos is about to ensue, the vocals emerge as a magical soothing. The narrative has a very interesting draw, letting you breathe before hitting you hard with its rhythm.

‘In My Mind’ is undoubtedly a diverse and faithful showcase of Amelie Lens’ DNA, coming seasoned with oscillating reverbs, dark pads and acid notes. Dive into the mind of this techno prodigy and listen to the new EP below:

Image Credit: Amelie Lens Press / Provided by Measure PR UK

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