Relive Afrojack’s epic Ultra 2019 mainstage performance

With Ultra Miami 2019 now behind us, its time to relive some of the best sets from the iconic festival. Despite the festival leaving its legendary location for a new one, every single DJ who performed there made sure they brought out the best set possible, resulting in one of the best Ultra’s ever in terms of sets, as everyone played a great combination of timeless hits and exciting new music. One of the stand out sets was no doubt the one delivered by electro house pioneer Afrojack, who took over the mainstage on day one and delivered one of his most energetic and mesmerising sets ever.

Afrojack has had an incredible start to 2019,  already releasing 4 new singles, including his latest release ‘The Bass‘ which came out today in collaboration with Chico Rose. He started off his set strong with some new unreleased music before proceeding to play a combination of IDs rumoured to be from the likes of himself, Merk & Kremont and DISTO. Afrojack did an incredible job of keeping the energy levels high throughout the 90-minute set by mixing very quickly between songs and using a combination of edits and live mashups to keep the mix flowing and showing all the talent he possesses behind the decks. A highlight of his performance was no doubt when he brought on Rae Sremmurd & Stanaj for a live performance on the final song ‘Sober‘.

Be sure to follow Afrojack on his social media and check out his Ultra Miami 2019 set via his YouTube channel below. You can also find the official tracklist to his set on 1001tracklists.


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