Cityzen – Sirius

It seems like the Dutch DJ and king of remixes, R3HAB is unstoppable. He refuses to stay inactive even for a week! A few days ago, he released his new single ‘Don’t Give Up On Me Now and now his independent label CYB3RPVNK announced a mysterious new artist on board of their team, under the name Cityzen. Although his identity is unknown yet, the press release contains plenty of interesting information that feeds our curiosity:

Cityzen is on the verge of something huge and previously unimagined, and all the world can do is wait. Armed with his sparkling glasses and affinity for the colour red, Cityzen brings to life a crossover of old and new that will become the unique sound of the next generation.

His first single,Sirius is a remarkable blend of numerous electronic music genres: it combines future and tech house melodies with a powerful bass to it. But what makes the song complete is the unique vocals that follow through the whole track.

This first release definitely proves Cityzen as a promising producer so make sure you keep an eye on him as we are positive that his name will be mentioned again and again in the near future. Enjoy his music and let us know what you think!

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