FISHER talks new track ‘You Little Beauty’ on Apple Music’s Beats 1

FISHER is back with another floor-filling track ‘You Little Beauty’ is Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 on Apple Music. The song is the 5th single released from the Australian music producer. He says his song titles are derived from phrases he and his friends use. He talks to Zane about how his song “Losing It” was “a fluke,” and how he’s not rushing into any collaborations music-wise.

Talking about the release, Fisher explained the following:

“You little beauty is basically what we always say on Gold Coast is when everyone’s going mad, or having fun, or doing something goofy just say you little beauty. I basically just made that song and I thought, what can I call it? And I thought You Little Beauty. The vocal itself is so amazing. All I wanted to do was just put my FISHER charm to it really, and I just wanted to make a big old baseline, put some hats and a good old kick, and away we went. 

‘Finding Anything About Your Little Beauty’ was the first track that I ever made under Fisher. I’ve had that song for about two years, and I’ve been playing it in my sets for about two years now. It was just getting the vocal clean, the sample. Obviously, we got that over the line now, but it’s still one of my favourite tracks I’ve ever made.”

He would also go on to talk about ‘Losing It’:

“It’s still one my favourite ones to play. With ‘Losing It’, on the other hand, that was just kind of, to be honest, a fluke. Made it. Didn’t know what it was going to do. It was a little bit different than the sound that I was making at the time, and I played it at Coachella that first year, which was a year ago. The tent went up and roar, and away we went, man, and it’s on.”

Having broken out onto the scene with; ‘Losing It’, the track would go on to become the most supported track in 2018, with more than 450 DJs supporting it. It would also make its way into more than 1000 sets & radio shows, as well as becoming the most-purchased track on Beatport in the last 12 months.

Listen to the interview below and stream ‘You Little Beauty’here !

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