Martin Garrix injures ankle at Vegas residency, rushed to hospital after set

The Dutch superstar DJ & producer Martin Garrix, who is known for his energetic sets and amazing personality, just keeps proving us that he is unstoppable, even if it includes continuing his set after hurting his ankle, while jumping off the stage.

On Saturday night Martin was performing at his residency in Omnia Las Vegas and everything was going well until at some point the young DJ decided to jump off the stage, as he usually does, but this time it turned out to be a bad decision, since he injured himself after hitting the ground. He decided to power through the pain and continued his set, jumping on one foot only and sitting on the chair every now and then. The crowd was loved his performance, but he still had to cut the set short, give in to the pain and be taken to the hospital, where they have taken care of his injury.

Below you can see the footage from his set and a short video that he took on his way to the hospital.The young artist has been keeping himself very busy lately with his tour and new releases, so we hope that this injury isn’t going to affect his work too much, wish him all the best and hope that he will have a speedy recovery!




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