Salvatore Ganacci

Salvatore Ganacci rocks at EDC’s kineticFIELD

Irreverence is perhaps the key word to describe one of the DJs that is the sensation of the current electronic world. Known for making a real fuss wherever he goes, Salvatore Ganacci is a true showman and this has reflected in the number of gigs and fans he has accumulated around the world. On May 17, Savatore played at EDC Las Vegas, on the kineticFIELD stage and took all of his quirky features to the stage of the event. A set full of great EDM classics filled the ears of those present, creating a great atmosphere and a certain moment of nostalgia.

With ‘Meet Het At The Love Parade‘ dropped early in the set, Ganacci laid the tone that you knew would see good memories come of. ‘Epic‘ and ‘Riverside‘ joined hits like ‘Like To Move It‘ and ‘Barbra Streisand‘, as well ‘Tremor‘, ‘Bomb A Drop‘ and ‘Get Low‘. A real trip in the last years of electronic music, which also featured Salvatore’s tracks, including of course, one of his latest singles ‘Horse‘, which closed the set, reflecting all the versatility of genres that the DJ owns, without holding back due to predetermined traces.

Listen to the set of Salvatore Ganacci at the EDC Las Vegas and re-live the crazy time that one of the world’s hottest names had in kineticFIELD: