Seolo – Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Lola Rhodes)

Bálint Csenke, better known as Seolo, is a 22-year old DJ and producer from Hungary. Some of his best known releases are ‘Just Like A Ghost’, ‘Camouflage’, his remix of ‘Charleston Boogie’ by Little Violet and Robert Edwards and his bootleg of Marshmello‘s ‘Wolves’. He just recently released a new track ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ featuring LA-based singer and songwriter Lola Rhodes.

Seolo has always been a music lover, searching for inspiration in everything surrounding him. He started out his journey without any music knowledge, but was so determined to learn and follow his dream that he enrolled in an electronic music production school in Budapest, Hungary, where he got the basic knowledge. This represented the first step towards his goal, to be amongst the top DJs and producers of the world. After finishing it successfully he decided to move to Liverpool, where he obtained a degree in audio production and gathered a lot of new experiences and inspiration from the UK music scene and the clubs. His songs still include a huge amount of influence from the UK and carry the elements and vibes that he first heard during his study abroad.

‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is a groovy EDM song that carries some future house elements and features well-suited vocals. The drop has an uplifting atmosphere and will definitely make you dance, with it’s energetic melody. The song could be heard in a club, but also played to a larger crowd on a festival, because of its powerful beat. Seolo is a talent that keeps surprising with variety of genres and elements that he implements in his songs and keeps showing us different sides of his abilities, from deep house, future house, dance/EDM and even hardstyle.

Check out his social media (Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud) for more and don’t forget to stream ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ below.


23 year old Slovenian currently living in Amsterdam. Pursuing my dreams of working behind the scenes of music industry by studying International Music Management.

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