Tiësto’s legendary remix of Delerium’s ‘Silence’ turns 19 years old

At 11 minutes at 34 seconds long, a track has to be pretty interesting to keep the listeners entertained. Most radio edits or chart tracks stand around 3-4 minutes long, but back in 2000, tracks at 10+ minutes were equally as popular, with one particular track taking all the headlines: Tiësto‘s legendary remix of ‘Silence‘. Taking on Delerium‘s original version, featuring vocals from Sarah McLauchlan, the iconic track contains everything memorable from that era, in which trance was at the forefront of both electronic dance music, and the chart trends at the time. 19 years on, We Rave You looks back at arguably one of the greatest trance tracks of all time.

The Tiësto of the early 2000’s may be long gone, but the music created at that time left an everlasting impression on the music world. Inspiring many to achieve what appeared to be a dream, the legendary trance Tiësto had hits like ‘Adagio For Strings‘, ‘Traffic‘, ‘Flight 643‘, and more, but his ‘Silence‘ unquestionably sits amongst the highest heights of the rankings. With a blissful breakdown, impeccable bass lines, and the perfect melody to drive the track, ‘Silence‘ had it all, and feels somewhat nostalgic looking back, whilst still feeling like a brand new release. Festivals and clubs worldwide are still blessed with this track, albeit not as much as when it was released 19 years back, with the reaction on each occasion remaining as strong as in 2000.

Listen back to a touch of class from 2000, with Tiësto’s ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ remix of Delerium’s ‘Silence‘ below!

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