Aloe Blacc performs Avicii collab ‘SOS’ live on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show

Very few lucky people are able to say that they have worked with Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, without a doubt, one of the most famous dance music prodigies that ever existed. But none can say it with the same panache as Aloe Blacc, who knows what is like to share absolute success with the legendary Swedish artist.

Aloe Blacc is the singer behind ‘Wake Me Up’, possibly Avicii’s most famous and highly revered track ever released. Apart from that, he also featured and credited in multiple of the producer’s projects; plus some other unreleased tracks that we don’t know about. However, the last of these collaborations has been ‘SOS’. The track, which was the first release ahead of Avicii’s posthumous album. Considering this, it’s undeniable that Aloe Blacc knew Avicii better than anyone. Now, with the ‘TIM’ album being released, the American singer and songwriter decided to pay tribute to him the only way he knew – through music. The Californian-based singer, as part of the promotion of the album, performed at the famous American late-night show Jimmy Kammel Live!honoring the memory of his great friend with a truly majestic live performance.

Standing in an Avicii trademark jumper and supported by a complete group of instrumentalists, Aloe started singing the emotional song accompanied by the smooth sound of a piano and electric guitar. As the performance went through, as if Aloe’s voice wasn’t perfect enough, the two backing vocalists supported him with an angelical chorus that are bound to provoke goosebumps on first listen. The combination of lyrics, vocals and instruments was emotionally unreal, arriving at its maximum peak with a drop, where the drums, trumpet and saxophone joined the party to melt everything into a perfectly balanced mix that was all one could ask for. To finish things up, Aloe closed the performance singing his last line solo being immediately followed by tremendously deafening claps and cheers from the crowd at the time that you could read on the screen ‘Avicii. Tim Bergling. 1989 – Forever’. 

Watch Aloe Blacc perform ‘SOS’ at Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

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