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deadmau5 give details of new Cube Tour and admits creative struggle

The man behind the mau5 mask, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, is one of those artists that frequently features in the media for his honest and sometimes controversial opinions regarding multiple issues within the industry. This time he’s hitting the front pages for a different reason.

The Canadian superstar, who recently announced his new residency at the powerful newly created Las Vegas mega nightclub KAOS, has been putting all his energy and efforts into his upcoming Cube V3 Tour, and it seems this has been more mentally demanding that what he imagined. Last Wednesday, deadmau5 used Reddit, one of his favourite social tools, to approach his fans and explain more in depth details about his upcoming tour, the Cube design and his new releases. However, he left everyone surprised by admitting he suffered a “creative drought” and struggled in the studio. Even though, this is something normal and common for all artists, this is the first time that deadmau5 has suffered from a lack of creativity.

There were different reasons that contributed to this mental stagnancy. Joel associated his personal life, break with social media and the continuous pressures to finish the designs of his Cube Tour shows the main factors that led him to the position he is in now. He admitted that these things sometimes can become an increasing concern and frustration that ultimately affect the resulting musical outcome:

“…Lots of little things have just contributed to that weird debilitating feeling…”

He also declared that he’ll be taking piano lessons at home, looking to escape from this mental musical struggle. Despite this intriguing “bad” news, he has already finished some of his tracks hasn’t planned any release dates yet, he said they’ll be out soon and this is always great news. We hope he recovers soon and we get to hear more news about the unique music productions and live shows we know only he can deliver.

Read the full Deadmau5 Reddit post below:

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