Madeon debuts Good Faith Radio show midweek on Beats 1 Radio

At the center of news last week, French DJ and producer Madeon has been in the papers for all the right reasons. First, there was the announcement of Madeon’s ‘Good Faith Radio’ radio show on Beats 1 Radio, which was followed by a world exclusive premiere of his single ‘Dream Dream Dream‘ amidst the mid-week episode. And with the first episode of Good Faith on Beats 1 Radio done and dusted in the midweek, it looks like a great new venture for Madeon to go on where he will be showcasing some of his favorite music and will put forth his taste-making abilities for all to enjoy. Talking about the concept behind Madeon beats 1 radio show, the Frenchman said:

“So, what is this show about? Well, it’s called Good Faith Radio because Good Faith is the name of my upcoming album, I guess. But mostly good faith, for me, is..It’s a mood. It’s an art direction. It’s a vibe. Good faith, to me, as an expression, as a word, the reason I picked that expression is that it evokes trust and faith in the future and hope and a form of joy that I hope to capture. It’s those moments in life when reality feels more beautiful and more important than usual, where the mundane becomes profound. That’s what I love most about art, is that when you listen to a good song, your regular life just feels epic, feels important, feels profound in the way that it truly is, and more colorful, and more beautiful. That’s my favorite feature of music. It just adds a layer, a filter, on top of it. And we’re going to do that by listening to more really cool music.”

You can stream the first episode of Good Faith Radio on Apple Beats 1 below.

To catch up with more news on Madeon, read up here. Stream future episodes here.

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