Türküm – Anti Sober

Turkish up and coming artist Türküm has just released his studio album ‘Anti Sober‘. After a mysterious year of silence, we now know that he was working in a deeply personal and poignant exploration of his years-long struggle with both humanity and alcohol, trying hard to capture human emotions in music form, from angst, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness and finally even hope.

“This will be the first album I will ever put out, yet it feels like the album which will stick to me for a long time. The connection between the records and the varying genres will resonate with listeners from all around the world, I always wanted to be the creative which would be known for being able to fuse different genres yet still make sure that everyone felt the emotions I’ve put into these songs.”

‘Anti Sober’ is a cinematic album full of emotional chords and heavy bass, creating a sophisticated soundscape intensely emotional coming from his own struggles.  ‘Beast’ sounds strong and hard-hitting, in ‘Power’ we can feel the adrenaline. ‘Your Heart’ would be the perfect choice for the fans that love lyrics and vocal songs. The first part of the album showcases a more dark, mysterious and intense sound, with the intention to explain the artist own frustration with humanity and the dark of abyss of alcohol abuse to life. In the second part of the album, Türküm feels reborn like a phoenix from the ashes, with a more light and sunny style employing vibrant melodies and upbeat vocals, that we can listen in  ‘Starlight’ and ‘Treat Me Right’.

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30 year old Catalan from Barcelona, living in The Netherlands. After 10 years working in the hospitality industry, I decided to do a career switch and I'm currently studying a bachelor in International Music Management. My main interests in life are music, yoga, spirituality, foreign languages, and vegan food!

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