Armin van Buuren delivers historical 7.5 hours set at UNTOLD Festival

UNTOLD Festival in Cluj, Romania, probably most known through Armin van Buuren‘s extended sets, just concluded its 5th anniversary and as announced by the dutch superstar last year, Armin van Buuren delivered a historical, once in a lifetime, 7.5 hours set for the festivals anniversary.

After his 7 hours set last year, and bursting into tears, hugging the whole crowd, Armin announced that he, and the UNTOLD organizers, have something very special in the making for the anniversary of the festival since Romania has a very special place in his heart, a place he also calls home. Friday finally the day came and it was revealed what they’ve been planning the whole year.

The setup itself reminded of the ‘Armin Only’ setup in Amsterdam 2 years ago, with a huge A illuminated by LEDs in the center of the stage which was also part of the DJ booth itself.

He opened the set with a live Orchestral version of his collaboration with Shapov ‘La Résistance De L’Amour’, followed by Cosmic Gate‘s ‘Come With Me’ and Fatum’sOutlaw’. Overall, the first part of his set comprised lots of songs from his recent sets like Van HalenJump (Armin van Buuren Remix)’ and Andrew Bayer vs. Meduza & Goodboys ‘Magitek vs. Piece Of Your Heart (Armin van Buuren Mashup)’.

The 7.5 hours set would have already been special enough, however, throughout the set, he brought up various special guests he collaborated with to live perform some of his biggest tracks, old and new starting with Josh Cumbee performing ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ and ‘Sunny Days’ later on. Following Josh Cumbee, BullySongs was brought onto the stage later to also perform ‘Free Fall’ and ‘Caught In The Slipstream’, both collaborations between him and Armin, followed ‘Something Real’ with Jordan Shaw on stage and ‘Wild Wild Son’ with Sam Martin together. A very special moment was when Armin brought up Alexandra Bădoi, a Romanian singer he collaborated with, to perform their track ‘Cosmos’ which features all Romanian lyrics and ‘Shivers’ performed by none other than Susana. Later on, Armin again brought up all special guests he had invited to perform just to announce that he has one more that he’d like to bring up – Trevor Guthrie to perform ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ with everyone else on stage to conclude the live performances of his set.

Towards the end of his set, once again Armin showed that he is not only a master of trance music but can also bring his fans into ‘A State of Techno’, when he started playing tracks like Cherry Moon Trax‘ ‘The House Of House (Thomas Schumacher Remix)’ or Adam Beyer and Bart Skils ‘Your Mind’.

Even with non-stopping rain throughout the whole set, people stayed to see the historical performance by the dutch trance legend which ended at ~7 am local time, past sunrise. Overall the whole set was a journey through the past and present of Trance music, including some of the best tracks ever released, containing 132 tracks as per Overall the whole show was more an ‘Armin Only’ performance and not just a classic mainstage set and one thing is certain, he promised a special performance and he delivered to the lucky attendees.

Registration for UNTOLD 2020 is now open via their website and the whole recording of the set is available on YouTube to watch and a must-see for every Trance fan. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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