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Carlo Canetti & Molly Green – Elusive

Carlo Canetti ‘s second single came out today and we are blown away! The young music producer is from Liverpool and for his brand new release called “Elusive”, he teamed up with Molly Green, the UK based singer and songwriter, whose unique, soulful vocals perfectly complement the special melodies, delivering the ultimate feel-good vibes for the end of the summer.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is certainly not easy for new talents to shine through the limelight, but we love to highlight not just the most well-known names, but also the less mainstream artists like Uneven,

WizG, and Felix Cartel – to name a few skillful producers/DJs.

And Carlo Canetti definitely makes this list stronger. Taking inspiration from producers like Flume, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin and Xam Volo, he brings together elements of funk, jazz, disco and pop combined with memorable vocal tunes to create his signature sound effects. His own words about Elusive:

“’Elusive’ started with the catchy vocal hook in the chorus sung over some acoustic guitar chords in my bedroom. The vision was to bring disco and blues sounds into the 21st century with a commercial dance-pop track; the bass groove was created with this in mind. Putting this over a house-style drum pattern, we hope we have brought something unique to the table with this record.”

You can also listen to his previous hit, ‘Clouds’, here.

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