WizG – Hold Up (feat. Kyan Palmer)

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DJ duo WizG – made up of Josh Wizan and Kostas Garcia – are a pair of fresh faces in the music scene, but don’t let that trick you into underestimating them. Taking the Los Angeles nightlife by storm, renowned clubs such as The Roxy and Avalon are like their playgrounds, where they are free to go wild and put on crazy performances that fire up the crowds with ease. With eight singles (and counting) that have amassed over one million streams so far, this has lead them to opening for heavyweights Dada Life. Their upbeat melodies have captivated a curious audience, and their latest single is ready to steal the attention once again.

Looking for a new Progressive House banger to obsess over? Look no further, as WizG have the solution. ‘Hold Up’ is the newest masterpiece from the two masterminds, and features the distinctive vocals of Kyan Palmer. Adding a slight Pop edge to the track with the help of Palmer, ‘Hold Up’ manages to cross the bridge between EDM and Pop perfectly to create a melodic lovechild of vocals and beats. Although the whole track is something special, the drop is the true standout of the whole thing. Perfectly hitting the nail on the head of what makes a great progressive drop with vocal chops in tow, this track is essential for any feel-good/summer playlist.

‘Hold Up’ is available for streaming below, and free download here.

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