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Absolutely crushing the music scene right now, WizG (Josh Wizan) has succeeded in establishing a successful career and making a big name for himself so far. Based in Los Angeles, he has been the support act of choice for the likes of Dada Life, Matoma, and Lost Kings so far, and this is just the start of what is a very long and big

Ready to kick off his musical project with a bang for the new year, Josh Wizan who is behind the alias WizG is setting himself up for a very busy year. Following a steady stream of releases that never kept fans waiting or needing more in 2019, it looks like 2020 is going to be the same if not even bigger and better. The

Josh Wizan - who is behind the alias WizG - is a true musical wizard. WizG was formerly a duo until Wizan continued the project alone but losing a member hasn't slowed down his drive to succeed one little bit, and it shows through his original pieces and achievements so far. Based in Los Angeles, he has the entire local scene in the

Based in the busy city of Los Angeles is 24 year old producer Josh Wizan. Known by his alias WizG, his style features up-tempo and energetic tracks that never fail to put a smile on people's faces whenever they play one of his original productions. It's these same productions that have lead him to opening up for the likes of Dada Life, Matoma and

DJ duo WizG - made up of Josh Wizan and Kostas Garcia - are a pair of fresh faces in the music scene, but don't let that trick you into underestimating them. Taking the Los Angeles nightlife by storm, renowned clubs such as The Roxy and Avalon are like their playgrounds, where they are free to go wild and put on crazy performances that fire up

Los Angeles duo WizG have unveiled their hot new single 'Go Now' alongside Chicago-born and Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Natalie Major. Famed for her raw emotion and skyscraper-size vocals, Natalie previously featured on Bobby Puma’s 'Someone Somewhere,' which Tiësto included on the fourth installment of his popular Club Life series. The songstress has also teamed up with Dutch sensation

Los Angeles based duo WizG have brought their energetic, uptempo production style into 2019 with a bang behind their latest tune, 'Back To You.' The poppy production features notable topliner Mechi Pieretti who's renowned for her vocal and writing work on major labels such as Spinnin' Records, Sony Music, and even Playstation VR. Although individually, WizG and Mechi Pieretti may not be "household names," however together,