Marshmello ‘flies’ on the wing of a plane

Masked musician Marshmello has done a lot of amazing things in his career. Rising high on Forbes’ top paid DJs list, he has created chart-topping hit after hit without any signs of slowing down and continues to build a large empire with his iconic branding. Going from a small artist who was raising a lot of questions about his identity to a worldwide phenomenon, Marshmello continues to go from strength to strength with his achievements and now his latest feat sees him fly on the wing of a plane (well, sort of).

Video editing software can do magical things, right? It can even make Marshmello look like he’s realistically flying and doing dance moves on the wing of a plane mid takeoff. Watching the video, it looks pretty realistic with the shadows matching up to his body, but although he’s extremely talented we highly doubt he could actually do this for real (we have to compliment those dance moves though).

Conquering the world one plane dance at a time, Marshmello is truly taking over the music industry whether it be through hybrids of pop and dance or through his ‘Joytime’ albums which launched him into the spotlight with his unique, upbeat sounds.

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