JOHN – A Million Times (feat. Max Landry)

Teaming up with Max Landry on vocals, JOHN (aka Måns Persson) has dropped his new single ‘A Million Times‘. A 20 year old DJ and Producer from Ekeby, Sweden, it all started back in 2017 for JOHN when he started playing at weddings, clubs and private parties across southern Sweden. In 2018, JOHN joined the Agency Disco Company from Helsingborg, and started to perform across Europe and all over Sweden in countries/cities like Greece, Austria, Gothenburg and Stockholm.

By the end of 2018, JOHN had racked up over 100 performances, and his debut single ‘A Million Times’ gives us an indication that here is a talent with a truly bright future ahead of him! Echoing sounds of the EDM golden era, between 2010 and 2013, ‘A Million Times‘ contains a euphoric build fused with progressive chords and a truly feel-good high-tempo drop. Released on July 12th via PR Records, you can catch this one below, and truly saviour JOHN’s powerful production skills and the unique vocals talents of Max Landry!

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