Anjunabeats Teases A European Ski Event

The label Anjunabeats has teased a possible ski event for fans that will take place in late March or early April. The notice, which was posted on the Anjunafamily: Official Anjunabeats & Anjunadeep Facebook Fan Group Page read as follows:

“Do you ski? Do you snowboard? Do you like trance and progressive¬†music? Do you like the thought of being around like-minded people in a pristine alpine environment? Can you be in Europe at the end of March 2020? Better sign up, then.”

(via Anjunafamily: Official Anjunabeats & Anjunadeep Facebook page)

It appears that the event will take place in Europe and will be in the mountains. The dates posted on the website state the event will be from March 28th-April 4th 2020. Unfortunately, this makes it much more difficult for fans to narrow down the possible location of the event, but it will definitely help build the anticipation.

There has been further speculation due to Tomorrowland Winter being two weeks prior to the event, but for now, it appears that there is no correlation between the events. Anjunabeats could possibly have their own stage at Tomorrowland Winter, but the assumption is that Anjunabeats Ski Event taking place at the end of March is completely separate from Tomorrowland Winter.

All we can do for now is speculate until any other official announcements are made. For any fans who would like to sign up for news and updates regarding the event, you can sign up here.