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Canadian icon Joel Zimmerman, also

deadmau5 announced as speaker at Billboard Live Music Summit

Home Uncategorized deadmau5 announced as speaker at Billboard Live Music Summit

Canadian icon Joel Zimmerman, also known as deadmau5 has been announced as one of the top speakers at this year’s Billboard Live Music Summit.

The American panel is one of the most important conferences in today’s music scene, gathering some of the finest and most important faces of the industry such as Coachella’s co-founder Paul Tollett or Michael Lang creator of the legendary festival Woodstock. Now, the event’s getting a tremendous upgrade in the EDM field with the booking of the one and only deadmau5.

The popular producer will not be attending the event though. Instead, he will be joining the panel via a high-definition video streaming from his home located in the outskirts of Toronto with Katie Bain director of Billboard Dance as the interviewer. The main hot topic to cover will be about his most recent and so long-awaited creation, the Cube v.3. Along with Katie, there will be his manager Dean Wilson and the live music director Chris Schroder that will give further details about the Cube V3 tour that kicked off last week with two sold-out shows in Dallas.

Being designed and coded by deadmau5 himself, it was a long and tough road to bring the cube to life. Stagnancy and creative struggle were some of the negative outcomes that Joel experience during the process. However, with the help from both Schroder and Collyns Stenzel on the technical design side, the cube experienced a massive debut earlier this year at Ultra Miami. That may be the reason why Billboard’s Senior Director of Live & Touring Dave Brooks thinks there’s no one better than deadmau5 to explain the cube’s development:

“The cubev3 is one of the most technically complex production elements to ever tour and there’s no one better to explain its creative development from concept to launch than Joel”…”And not only will we go inside his creative process, but we’ll also be inside his home as he livecasts from Canada.”

Overall, not a bad way to end the year for the Mau5trap owner. Having been involved in different projects this year, deadmau5 produced the music for the spy Netflix thriller Polar and this October he’ll be putting out his new album titled Here’s The Drop, which basically is the remix version of his orchestral album Where’s The Drop? released last year. With this, he finishes the year in style. The interview, apart from interesting, will for sure unveil a lot of shocking news. If you don’t want to miss any of this, make sure you’re registered here.

Watch the highlights of the Cube v3 debut on Ultra below:

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