Madeon track ‘Dream Dream Dream’ featured in Apple Keynote event for iPhone 11

The Apple Keynote is always one of the main events of the year in the technology industry and for avid consumers. This special presentation event allows the entire world to see new Apple features and products for the first time and learn about them in-depth. This year, highlights included the unveiling of Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple Watch Series 5 but the main event was undoubtedly the official iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro/Max reveal. This is big news for consumers all over the world, but we’re focusing on something different: the music.

Announcing the groundbreaking slow-motion feature that works with the front facing camera now, a humorous and touching video was made to show off the capabilities of the new phone. Nicknaming it ‘Slofies’, the video shows a little brother helping out his sister by using a hairdryer for a dramatic ‘wind blown’ effect, but it goes wrong quickly. One thing that immediately caught EDM fans’ attention was the soundtrack, which was French superstar producer Madeon‘s latest release Dream Dream Dream. Reacting to the news on Twitter by retweeting and liking excited fan tweets, it even provoked some people to find out what the track was, leading to Madeon gaining new listeners. Perfect timing before his new album ‘Good Faith’ drops!

This isn’t the first time Apple has featured electronic music in their announcements, either. In the 2018, their video ‘Apple’s big news in 108 seconds’ was soundtracked by none other than Odesza and their track ‘Loyal’. As Apple leans more to EDM to soundtrack their Keynote and advertisements, this is a big deal for producers in the scene to gain more exposure from a whole different target audience worldwide.

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