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Tech brand Apple needs no introduction. The brand is behind the creation of the most recognisable phones and computers in the world, respectively the iPhone and MacBook. At the end of 2016, the company launched AirPods - its first wireless in-ear headphones based on the appearance of classic headphones. Four years after this innovative move, on December 8, 2020, Apple presented us

Just recently, Grammy-winning producer Flume released his highly anticipated single "The Difference" featuring Toro y Moi. Showcasing his vibrant and eclectic sound to his global fan base, the new single combines subtle percussion's and vibrant vocals to welcome listeners into Flume's world of infinite musical camouflages. Digging a little deeper into Flume's thoughts on the release of "The Difference" which was featured

Music lovers fit into one of two categories: an Apple Music subscriber or a Spotify subscriber, and the battle between the two streaming platforms is ever-growing. Although Spotify launched in 2008 and Apple Music launched in 2015, Apple Music currently has more American subscribers (at the time of writing) and the streaming platform has just reached a massive 60 million

The end of iTunes is coming, as well as other important changes within the giant tech company Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook is attending the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, alongside other company leaders. During their keynote presentation, they are expected to reveal the last updates, as well as develop in the ones that have already been disclosed. One

Apple's iPod Touch hasn't seen a new update since 2015. With all other models discontinued, this was well due for an update. Following the updates of MacBook Air and Mac Mini, Apple has gone and delivered the 7th generation iPod Touch. The device will pack an A10 Fusion Chip, which is used by iPhone7 & iPhone7 s. Also, with features such as

In a surprising move, Apple has just officially purchased Shazam for $400 million. The first move by Apple has seen all advertisements removed from the Shazam platform, something which will undoubtedly prove a popular decision with music fans worldwide. According to Apple's vice president of Apple Music: "Apple and Shazam have a long history together. Shazam was one of the first

This week it was announced that the Apple owned Beats by Dre are now the official headphones of the NBA, this deal is for multiple years and includes an all encompassing marketing and merchandising partnership for the NBA and all its affiliates (WNBA, USA Basketball, and G League). The idea is that Beats by Dre will add an array of audio equipment and class to

For many years now, Apple has ruled the music industry. The introduction of the iPod kicked CD players to the kerb, dawning a new era in music technology. They have now become the first United States company with a market cap of over $1 trillion, they officially crossed the finish line on August 2nd when its stock crossed the $207.05 per

For many years, iTunes ruled the music industry. The introduction of the iPod kicked CD players to the kerb, dawning a new era in music technology. While loading 1000's of songs onto the tiny device was undoubtedly a game-changer, the introduction of music streaming proved to be more convenient - thus spearheading iTunes' fall from grace. According to Digital Music

Providing a platform that can rival the likes of Spotify and Apple for their current streaming service's would take a giant company with plenty of years of experience, a loyal and vast fan base, and a lot of money to be invested. By that reckoning, it would probably take the biggest music site in the world, so its great news

With the growth of streaming services higher than ever, Apple have announced their intention to close the famous iTunes store. The online buying platform, which proved the stepping stone for the digital music revolution of the early 21st century, competing with giants like Napster, was a catalyst in the growth of the iPod, with customers worldwide, buying tracks from the

Spotify and Apple music are set to allow unofficial remixes and mixtapes thanks to a collaboration with Dubset. This is all well and great for consumers and creators but SoundCloud is definitely going to go through a tough time. SoundCloud's unique selling point was user-uploaded content and the partnership emerging between Dubset and Spotify/Apple would level the playing field. The mechanics as

Music streaming services Apple Music and Spotify are no strangers to exchanging business blows with one another. However the latest string of actions and statements has increased the severity of the competitiveness to a new level. Earlier this year in May, Apple refused Spotify’s latest update on the App Store, claiming there were "business model issues". Those 'business model issues' consisted