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Future Apple MacBook Pro may transform into DJ Turntable, Patent Reveals

Apple has filed a patent that suggests future MacBook Pro models could feature a modular, customizable design that would allow parts of the laptop to detach and be reconfigured for different uses. Most intriguingly, the patent describes how the MacBook Pro could transform into a DJ turntable controller.


The patent details a “modular computing device” with various components that can be detached and rearranged by the user. For example, the patent illustrations show how the touchpad module could be removed and attached onto the other side of the keyboard.


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More radically, the patent describes how the entire display could detach from the keyboard section, then flip and reattach to face outward. Motion sensors and specialized DJ software would then turn the detached screen into a virtual turntable. DJs would be able to “scratch” and mix tracks by manipulating the screen surface.


While patents do not always reflect Apple’s future product plans, the modular MacBook Pro concept offers some exciting possibilities. With a flexible transformable design, creative professionals could reconfigure their laptop into bespoke setups tailored for music, video, design and other workflows.


Still, the patent indicates Apple is at least exploring radical new concepts for boosting the MacBook Pro’s versatility for power users. A modular machine that can quickly switch between laptop mode and creative accessories like a DJ controller would be groundbreaking.



Image Credits: Apple Inc. 

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