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Steve Angello claims SHM have played 5 new singles since reunion

Swedish House Mafia has been the centre of significant criticism since their highly-awaited return. Despite having played a number of shows this year, cancellations and pop-up stores have left fans a tad agitated, often resulting in them calling the group out on social media. However, Steve Angello hasn’t shied away from defending SHM.

Last week saw the trio announce yet another pop-up store – this time, in Berlin. As a result, one fan took to Instagram as he let loose at Angello. The user addresses the group, telling them to “stop milking money from us [fans]” while also venting his frustration in regards to their consistent marketing and teasers for new music. However, soon thereafter, Steve dished out some frustration of his own;

“…its free and we are giving back. But you would know that if you ware a real fan! Also-  if you seen the show you know all the new music by heart. 5 played already.” [sic]

While fans are aware of It Gets Better’ and Underneath It All, the remaining 3 tracks Steve Angello claims SHM have played, are still being speculated by fans. In fact, a number of Reddit users believe some of these aforementioned tracks may date back to the trio’s comeback show at Ultra Miami last year, where 2 tracks are still marked as “ID“.

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