Calvin Harris and Alesso

Calvin Harris & Alesso’s ‘Under Control’ turns 6 years old

When you think of the golden age of EDM, what tracks and artists do you think of? For us, old tunes by Calvin Harris and Alesso definitely spring to mind. At the forefront of the music scene for years and years, the two maestros have always managed to stay on top and maintain their popularity at a consistent rate throughout and the same goes for the quality of their music-making. No strangers to the charts or the biggest mainstages, their successes drive them forward and it was around this time 6 years ago that the pair combined forces.

Creating a huge explosion in the electronic music world, Calvin Harris and Alesso teamed up for what is still known today as one of the greatest collaborations to exist in history, Under Control’. Featuring the powerful vocal talents of British based duo Hurts, the track exploded to success pretty quickly, and only grew bigger and bigger from there. Released as the first single from Harris’ fourth album Motion‘ and Alesso’s debut album ‘Forever’ it became Alesso and Hurts’ very first number one single and Harris’ fifth and sold nearly 100,000 copies in just the first week of release. Today, the music video has over a whopping 230 million views on the official music video on YouTube and over 283 million Spotify streams and the numbers still keep growing despite how long ago it was released.

The song was first played at the iconic venue Ushuaïa on the party isle of Ibiza by Alesso and became a fan favourite instantaneously. One of the biggest success stories to come out of any track in the scene, it is still a staple in many different DJs sets today and gets the biggest crowd reception when the first few notes are played every time.

To take a trip down memory lane, watch the official music video below and tell us your special memories connected to ‘Under Control’ below!


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