DJ Braj, Draniods – Pleasure Island

DJ Braj, who hails from India, started his musical journey back in high school with his friends who all shared the same passion for producing. Quickly becoming an expert at it, his passion turned into a career where he managed to make a name for himself and found himself being thrust into the spotlight as his career went from strength to strength very quickly. One of the friends he started out with is Draniods. Based in New York City, the pair used to jam out in friends basements just outside of the city and then began to produce together after bonding through a shared love for dance music. Their personal relationship has also lead to an extensive professional relationship, with the two artists both working on remixes for each other and have worked for duo Karel & XoJani to produce remixes of their track Dancing, which ended up in the top 20 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. With all this said, DJ Braj and Draniods have more than proved their worth, and now they are putting their minds together on a new original track.

‘Pleasure Island’ is the result of two creative geniuses creating pure magic. Inspired by the Ibiza party scene (hence the name) and the attraction towards dreamy summer getaways to let loose and party for days on end, this track takes us back to summer of 2019 as we head into the colder months. The progressive house vibes are strong in this one, which does an expert job of encapsulating exactly what summer is all about. With synths that would make anyone just want to let go of all their stress and dance the night away, ‘Pleasure Island’ is an irresistibly catchy and strong track.

Relive your summer memories with DJ Braj and Draniods and listen to the stunning track below!

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