deadmau5 – SATRN

Dedicated deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) fans have been keeping their eyes on the ID that was known as ‘Saturn’ for a while now. With it being played for at least a year now, fans had been speculating for a long time over when this was going to be an official release. Quickly becoming a fan favourite, it has been a staple in Joel’s sets with his Cube v3 setup and sounds insanely beautiful. Getting great crowd reception too, we can ensure that everyone is more than overjoyed to hear it finally have an official release onto streaming platforms.

Stylised as ‘SATRN’, it is actually one out of two IDs that deadmau5 fans have been anticipating, with the other one named ‘Coasted’ (which is usually played straight after ‘SATRN’ in his sets lately, so we can expect to hopefully have an official release for that too, soon).

The track itself feels old school in all the right ways. Bringing us a classic deadmau5 vibe mixed in with his more updated sound, it’s a stunning blend and works extremely well. So well in fact, that fans on Reddit have been saying that this is in their top three/five favourite deadmau5 tracks already. Expecting nothing less from the helmet-wearing legend, the track is nearly seven minutes long in length which gives plenty of time for the beat to take the listener on a journey. It’s easy to zone out when you listen to ‘SATRN’, as it’s hypnotic synths draw you in instantly and before you know it you’ve said through nearly seven minutes without even realising it.

It seems with this release that deadmau5 is gearing up for another new album release with more releases on the horizon (including the beloved ‘Coasted’ according to some Reddit users), and if it follows the theme of ‘SATRN’ then it will be nothing short of a masterpiece.

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