Giuseppe St. Nicolas – Wild West

Giuseppe St. Nicolas is a Swedish producer with Serbian roots. Starting to produce in 2015, he is a newcomer to the scene but that has not discouraged him in any way at all. Even when he isn’t releasing music – which he doesn’t do too often right now – he always has exciting projects going on and his house mixes showcase his ability to mix tracks together to create the perfect flow. Always prepared and ready for what may come his way, Giuseppe is one fireball of energy and talent.

His debut single ‘Wild West’ is the perfect start and introduction to his musical journey. Already gaining over 23,000 views on the audio on his official YouTube channel in just two weeks, he has captured the attention of a worldwide audience pretty quickly and it is impressive to say that this is just his first release. If this is anything to go by, then the whole world will know the name Giuseppe St. Nicolas soon enough.

The track itself is a powerful bomb of commanding and strong beats and synths that demand to be given full attention to. It kicks off with an extremely hypnotic vocal effect that carries on throughout the length of the track, and then develops into a chant which is cleverly used on the build-up to the earth-shaking drop. Reminiscent of what you could find in a Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike set or something similar, this is the type of high quality production that can easily garner the support of the heavyweights of the electronic music industry. If Giuseppe St. Nicolas continues to release these larger-than-life productions then it shouldn’t be long until we can see him on festival and show lineups frequently.

Out now on all major streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud, ‘Wild West’ is truly wild.

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