Arty and Matisse & Sadko’s legendary track ‘Riot’ turns 6 years old

Artem Stolyarov, Alexander Parkhomenko and Yury Parkhomenko. Three names that you might not instantly recognise, and can be difficult to roll off the tongue, but between them, they have created some of the best loved tracks within the progressive house scene. Known more recognisably as Arty and Matisse & Sadko, the Russian producers teamed up on a few tracks in the early 2010’s, with their progressive banger ‘Riot‘ dropping back in 2013. Now, in 2019, the track hits its 6th birthday.

Few producers have retained the consistent standards as set by the big Russian names in the scene. Alongside the likes of Shapov, Hard Rock Sofa, and M.E.G & N.E.R.A.K, Axtone and often Spinnin’ Records played host to the revolutionary progressive groove sound that stemmed from the gigantic Eastern European nation that is Russia. Arty and Matisse & Sadko have undoubtably held strong places within the hearts of seasoned progressive fans, after early success with ‘Trio. Following support from Swedish House Mafia amongst other big names, they came back with another big track in the form of ‘Riot‘ via Spinnin’. Driving basslines, incredible melodies, and that feel good factor that you crave with prog house, this track had it all. Still sounding fresh even today, ‘Riot‘ goes down as a true progressive classic from the golden era of the genre.

Head back in time to 2013 for a few minutes, as ‘Riot‘ brings back memories of a time where progressive house was at its strongest. Some say that genres die or fade away, but tracks like this remind us why progressive house will continue on at the forefront of the electronic music scene.

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