Best of: Don Diablo

Our dedicated ‘Best of’ playlist on Spotify takes a weekly dive into your favourite artists’ discography to curate a selection of their greatest hits, forgotten masterpieces and new tunes. Allowing you to enjoy the best of their catalogue in one place. This week, we focus on one of the most influential artists who has shaped the electronic music scene to what it is today: Don Diablo.

The future house pioneer Don Diablo has had yet another stellar year in 2019, recently closing it off with a brand new single ‘Congratulations‘ in collaboration with Brando. The Dutch DJ and producer has been able to prove once again that he is one of the most talented and hard-working artists on the scene, keeping up with a hectic touring schedule, constantly releasing boundary-pushing music and running a successful label in Hexagon, which has grown over the years into a well established global brand. In recent times, Don Diablo has released many of the best tunes in recent years, including his edit of Keanu Silva‘s ‘King of My Castle’, which was one of the most supported tracks of 2019 as well as the more recent ‘The Rhythm’.

Don Diablo is also best known as one of the greatest remixers on the scene. This year he released some incredibly good remixes for David Guetta, Panic! At The Disco and Ellie Goulding. He also made a name for himself for his unique versions of iconic tracks such as ‘Let Me Love You’, ‘Secrets’ and ‘Give Me a Try’.

Be sure to follow Don Diablo on his social media to keep up to date with his upcoming releases, news from his imprint and show announcements. You can listen to all the amazing music from above alongside many others you may have forgotten about via our dedicated ‘Best of:’ playlist on Spotify below.

Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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